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Mini Crush Cake Order Form

We’re taking it back to grade school baby! Remember those Valentine Day boxes? Drop one in for your crush. See if they send one back?! Tell someone how you feel! Confess your love! Or show your longtime lover some sweetness!  Or send a pal a cute little surprise! Do it with a mini Crush Cake! 


I’ve got two mini cake offerings for you. The first, inspired by a box of chocolates. The other by those chalky flavored hearts with sweet nothings like “Call Me” and “YOU’RE HOT”. 

[SOLD OUT] Mini cakes will be available for pick-up in Millcreek on Monday, 2/13 between 3-6pm. 

Mini cakes will be available for delivery within SLC city limits on Tuesday, 2/14 between 12-5pm. 

You will receive an email response confirming your order and your cake will be in the books upon payment completion.

Select Cake Flavor:
Select date (2/13 SOLD OUT):

Thanks for ordering! I'll email you within 48 hours to confirm!

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