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February 2023: Crush Cake Debrief

Are we still allowed to talk about Valentine’s Day after Valentine’s Day? Who cares, we’re doing it anyway because this Valentine’s Day. Was. So. Much. Fun. We’re talking about the Crush Cakes, of course. I loved every second of it, from hearing about your crushes, to coming up with cheeky things to write on the cakes, to chatting with you at the pop-up.

I'm also feeling proud of myself for managing to get you 60 mini cakes in 2 days. It took a refusal to procrastinate, despite my tendency to put things off. It was also a good reminder for myself that oh yeah, I can whip up a cake batter in 20 minutes. What I'm saying here is that I was PREPARED and that felt good. Aside from the operational side of things, many of you have asked about the inspiration behind the crush cakes... It wasn’t about any one crush in particular (I have approximately one million of those), but more about the sweet innocence of having a crush, mixed with the bold bravery of acting on it. I love a bold move. If you’re a close friend, you know about the guy at the bike shop who I asked if he was married (he was), you know the saga of Firefighter Mike, you know about that “I wanted to kiss you goodbye” text and what that led to. There’s just nothing that beats the exhilarating and terrifying rush of saying exactly how you feel, and boldly asking for what you want. So we try to do that over here and not live with too many lingering “what ifs''. And sometimes we get our heart trampled on (hello Tahoe lover), and sometimes we don’t, but at least we’re feeeeeeling, right? (Don’t answer that. Unless you're my therapist, then please write this down for next time.)

That kind of vulnerability is obviously more easily said than done, though. And sometimes it feels reckless of me. But the other side of the Crush Cake inspiration was that I found myself in a "situationship" where we actually weren't being bold, we weren't talking about how we felt. And so the Crush Cakes were also my way of reminding myself that that's not how we like to operate. Because it always feels so good, right? To just go ahead and say the thing? And I don't just mean romantically - it could be to a sibling, a friend, a boss. Even if it leads to let down, at least we’re not holding it in anymore. And then we can move forward. And did you know that, even though it’s no longer Valentine’s Day, you can still tell someone how you feel? I’ll do it if you do it, okay? Let me know how it goes. I’m rooting for you.

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