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January 2023: Things I know are true at the end of 2022

A few years ago, instead of setting New Year's resolutions, I started to pick just a word to bring into the new year with me, and go from there. This started in 2019, going into 2020, where my word was abundance (lol! that went to shit!). The following year was something that had to do with flow. I don't remember what I picked last year, and this year I don't feel like doing it at all! I don't really feel like thinking about New Year resolutions right now. My most insightful (and newly engaged! As of this morning!) friend Hillary recently said something that got me: "Self-improvement is so exhausting. I think I actually want to drink more."

Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely benefit from some goal and intention setting. I need to learn more about small-business taxes. I'd like to be more organized with the admin side of cake life. I want to improve my piping skills! I'm going to be an aunt in February and so I want to spend more time in LA with sister and baby! And also dive deep into my attachment style! And also be less afraid of commitment! But I think that running this small business and trying to make it work full-time has kind of kept me in survival mode, which makes it hard to plan ahead. There's a lot of brain noise right now too. Instead of planning ahead (I'll get to it soon), it's a bit easier for me to reflect on the year behind us. And so, at the end of the year 2022, these are things I have learned to be true:

  • You'll never "arrive". Transitions are constant. Sometimes you'll be in a place that feels stable, and that'll feel nice, but that'll change.

  • Transitions can be uncomfortable, but they're not inherently bad or good.

  • It's always worth it to make extra because surprise treats make people feel happy and loved!

  • Low and slow over hot and fast (as a person who just wants to GO GO GO, this is not my natural instinct).

  • Social media is is a black hole that has also introduced me to incredible people and makes me feel terrible about myself and makes me laugh.

  • It is good and brave to say "Will you be my friend?"

  • Nothing is permanent. This is a mantra I always come back to. Discomfort isn't permanent, anxiety isn't permanent. Jobs, sadness, happiness, bodies. Not permanent. Cake isn't even permanent.

  • Actually, cake is forever.

Happy New Year my lovers, see ya on the other side. This newsletter was written by ChatGPT. Just kidding. But what if I wasn't?

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